Vaccines are Safe? and Effective?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santanyana

Safe vaccine campaigns the killed and injured many:

2017 - Botched Measles  vaccine campaign kills 15 children in South Sudan

2014 - At least 15 children in Syria die in measles immunization campaign

1998 - 1 in 12,000 vaccinated Infants developed Bowel Obstruction after receiving rotarvirus vaccine.

1955 - 250 Cases of Paralyzed from Polio attributed to polio vaccines in America CDC




We were always taught to question the conventional wisdom. Vaccines are supposed to be part of the utopian world, in which people live better lives and do not die of diseases. On this site, we critically look at the current state of vaccines and consider what may need to be done to improve their safety and effectiveness.

We are not doctors. We direct you to the science and studies. We ask questions and point to serious concerns.

Do your own research and ask your doctor the right questions.