LostTrust: Herd Immunity caused Shingles Epidemics. How is this good?

NVIC: Chickenpox is highly contagious, but mild for most children

LostTrust: They keep talking about herd immunity, their own research shows us how bad this is.

NVIC: “Mass use of chickenpox vaccine by children in the U.S. has removed natural boosting of immunity in the population, which was protective against shingles, and now adults are experiencing a shingles epidemic;”(1)

(1) National Vaccine Information Center –Varicella Zoster (Chickenpox) Disease and Vaccine

“The CDC recommends children get a chickenpox shot at 12 months old and a booster dose between 4 and 6 years old;”

“Chickenpox complications, such as bacterial infection of skin lesions (cellulitis), brain inflammation and pneumonia, are rare in children but more common in adults”

How can you trust the medical profession when they put adults at risk of Brain inflammation and pneumonia to prevent a rare occurrence in children?

Do your own research, look at the risk – they don’t.

CTV: Why are more and more Canadian adults getting shingles?

” But the CDC says this proposed explanation seems “unlikely” since more recent studies have found that shingles rates were on the rise before the chickenpox vaccine came into wide use in the late 2000s in Canada and the U.S., and that rate hasn’t gone up sharply since. A large study on shingles incidence in Alberta made similar findings.

The above is another piece of incorrect data from the MainStream Media since:

“The varicella vaccine did not become widely available in the United States until 1995.

PubMed: An Outbreak of Shingles? – 1985

This outbreak suggests that shingles can be provoked by reexposure to varicella-zoster virus.

MacLean’s Magazine: Why are ever-younger adults contracting shingles? – 2010

Here’s why: according to studies conducted in the 1960s by the British GP and epidemiologist Robert Edgar Hope-Simpson, those who are repeatedly exposed to chicken pox—health care workers, say, and families with young children—are less prone to a reactivation of the virus.

CDC: Shingles

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