LostTrust: Polio Is back! 6 new Cases in Minnesota, 50,000 a year in India.

New Language: Add ‘LIKE’ and it is not the disease . First it was Autism – like, than Flu – Like, now Polio – like,

jan 2018 – Virus shown to be likely cause of mystery polio-like illness

Annually 50,000 Indian children are victimized by polio-like AFP In 2014, children in the US began to be diagnosed with a mystery illness that caused a polio-like paralysis,” says Professor MacIntyre.

What did the CDC say?

More pressing for Pallansch and colleagues at the state level is figuring out whether the CDC has the resources to pursue a dogged, full-scale investigation to elucidate the reasons behind these and other unexplained cases of AFP.
“There’s no argument that it’s absolutely a serious clinical condition, and yes, maybe we should know more about it”, he says. “But these are extremely rare cases which might not be linked, and there are other competing priorities and limited resources. (Lancet)


Is it the vaccine that is causing the “Polio-Like” symptoms?

The vaccine is known to be shedding. “fecal shedding of revertant poliovirus after OPV challenge was observed in 50%-100% of subjects previously immunized”

Vaccine causing polio in Africa? Context from an expert

Polio, once among the most dreaded diseases even in the richest countries, has seemed on the verge of eradication for years now—but only on the verge. In a small handful of nations, the virus is holding on stubbornly despite a major vaccination effort Read More

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