LostTrust: Herd Immunity – Pertussis

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It is claimed that, in order for the “HERD” to be protected against Pertussis, 92%-94% of the population need to be immunized. According to Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the Godfather of Vaccines:

  • Pertussis is not uncommon in adults.
  • The a-cellular vaccine does not protect the individual from carrying the organism, and thus will not prevent the individual from passing the organism (disease)  to another individual.
  • 5 years after the last Pertussis vaccine is given (At the age of 11-13 years), the effectiveness falls considerably, to only protect 30% to 50% of the people.
  • On average less than 10% of the adult population has vaccine coverage against pertussis.


  1. Even if 100% of children are vaccinated,  By age 18, the percent of protected people in the herd will go down to less than 50%. Clearly, we cannot get to 92% required for ‘Herd Immunity’.
  2. Even if we had 100% of the population is immunized with the a-cellular vaccine, those people can still carry the disease and infect others.
5 years after the last vaccine is given less than 50% of the population is immunized.


Immunized children, can still carry the disease.





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