Why we lost our trust – HHS Admits – NO research done to make vaccine safer in 30 years

Why we lose trust in the Medical Establishment – They do not do their job. #LostTrust

Since 1987 the medical establishment keep telling us that vaccines are safe. Congress mandated HHS to make vaccine safer. Now we know this was not done:

  • Bill 42 U.S.C $ 300aa-27(c) mandate HHS (The Department of Health and Human Services) to promote the development of childhood vaccines that result in fewer adverse reactions.
  • HHS was asked through Freedom Of Information request and in court to show documents relating to this bill 42 U.S.C $ 300aa-27(c) .
  • HHS acknowledge they have ZERO (0) documents on the issue.

This is a link to the US District Court document   Case 1:18-cv-03215-JMF





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