This is why we lost trust. CDC Head said vaccines cannot cause serious problems in children.

Yet, According to the official report on the National Injury Compensation Program website, at the end of June 2018:

1. The total number of vaccine injury claims in the U.S. was 18,280.

2. The total number of claims for Vaccine Deaths in the U.S. was 1,269.

Here is one reason why we lost trust in the medical establishment – Doctors, such as Dr. Julie Gerberding, make inaccurate claims regarding the safety of treatments.


Ten years ago, the then Head of the CDC , Dr. Julie Gerberding, was interviewed on CNN.

Dr. Gerberding made the following statement:

“We know there is very little chance that something related to a vaccine is going to cause a serious problem for a child.

It has been 10 years the medical establishment keep telling us that vaccines are safe now we know the truth:

The vaccine court has paid almost 4 billion dollars as compensation to vaccine injured children – so the chance is not that little.

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