LostTrust: There are people who should not receive the MMR vaccine

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Following the Death of 2 BabiesĀ 

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris, of the University of Auckland’s Immunisation Advisory Centre said: “There are people who should not receive the MMR vaccine,” she said, noting New Zealand has established pre-screening checks to ensure the vaccine is only given to suitable candidates.”

Have your baby been pre-screened?

The Official story: “Two children who died after being immunized in Samoa are suspected to have had a rare life-threatening immunodeficiency disorder.”

I guess the babies were not pre-sreened, or the pre-screening did not identify the issues, or maybe they forgot to mention it to the nurse.

The original story

Inquest in Samoa to determine cause of death of two babies

“The continuation of the expanded immunisation programme was of particular concern, Dr Petaia said.”

WHO urges Samoans to keep vaccinating children

Dr Ananda Amarasinghe told Sara Vui-Talitu any death after a vaccination calls for them to investigate too, but in the interim wants people to keep getting vaccinated.

I think what we need to understand is that we are technical people, but here we have lost two children and we have grave concern and sympathy to all these families and all the country, that is quite natural. But it is also our job also to reassure the people one thing is that vaccine is now safe for people generally….

DR ANANDA AMARANSINGHE: “But now you see they don’t die because of the vaccine …”

Somehow it does not look that they are too concerned that the children died, they are concerned about the program… This is why we Lost Our trust in the Medical Profession