LostTrust: Misinformation about vaccines – Aluminum

Misinformation about Aluminum

Aluminum we eat is not absorbed, while aluminum we inject stays in the body forever!

In the following movie, the Prof. Anne La Flamme compares the amount of aluminum injected into the baby’s body in vaccines to the amount a baby will receive in his food.

What she forgets to mention is, that what you eat, does not stay in your body:

“The gastrointestinal tract is a major cellular barrier to aluminum absorption, and, furthermore, most naturally occurring aluminum compounds are highly insoluble.”

(Source: Aluminum: Gastrointestinal absorption and renal Excretion By C. . Lote H Saunders )

Is she deliberately misinforming her viewers? LostTrust

Dr. Paul Thomas of Oregon says this about the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines – The adult daily maximum is 50mcg. Yet, the Hepatitis B vaccine given to newborns has 250mcg – which is 5 times the adult daily maximum. Watch Dr. Thomas here.

Do your own research.

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