LostTrust: “Misinformation campaign by the FDA,” said Rep. Jones. – Why am I not surprised?

9  Leading Scientists in Substance Addiction wrote to the white house encouraging to disregard the FDA’s, pointing out serious flaws in the agencies claims.

Huffpost: FDA Releases Kratom Death Data, Undermines Its Own Claims About Drug’s Deadly Harms

RollingStone: Kratom Association Calls FDA Review of Drug ‘Junk Science’ in Scathing Report

Now, the American Kratom Association, a nonprofit that has worked since 2014 to educate the public about the natural drug, is taking it one step further, fighting back with a scathing breakdown of everything the government agency got wrong

Vernon Jones appointed to committee to study Kratom.

Our Study Committee on kratom is going to have to carefully separate the facts from the misinformation campaign by the FDA,” said Rep. Jones. “Our own local coroners and law enforcement officials apparently have been fed a steady stream of inaccurate information about this natural plant that have obviously influenced some of our own reports on the causes of deaths.”

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