Why we LostTrust? Maybe because, Now we Know, Why there are more cases of Pertussis!

Why are we seeing more cases of Pertussis?

Dr. Everett Schlam MD – Assistant Director, Mountainside Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program Verona, NJ.

Media and avid vaccine-supporters are only too happy to blame those who choose not to vaccinate. However, in this presentation, from an Immunization Seminar, presented by the Health Department in Montclair, New Jersey, Dr. Schlam suggests the increase is probably because the current vaccine is simply less effective than the older, whole-cell vaccine.  The older (whole-cell) vaccine was more effective, but was also more dangerous (more “reactive”), causing fever and even seizures.

Here is what he says: the Previous Vaccine (Whole Cell Pertussis vaccine) “worked better”…; “but there was a lot more reactogenicity” (adverse reactions), like seizures and fever. So they made the a-cellular pertussis vaccine, they cut down the adverse events “but it probably also reduced the efficacy“, and that’s one of the reasons, maybe THE most important reason why we are seeing increased rates of pertussis.”


You can watch the full presentation on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_OPr0qKoew

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