LostTrust: Why is reporting rate of Vaccine Adverse Events 600% higher in some Ontario regions?

Public Health Ontario is holding up on Vaccine Safety Surveillance updates. What are they hiding?

The latest information available to the public isĀ  for December 2016. That is almost 2 years old. Adverse eventsĀ  from vaccination should be monitored regularly to prevent a bad batch of vaccines from causing a disaster. Public Health Ontario is not doing its job and updating the public on issues with vaccines. When you look at the “latest” data, they claim that the average reporting rate was 4.5. But in some areas the rate was over 30! If you have kids and live in an area with a much higher rate of adverse events reported – wouldn’t you like to know about it? Wouldn’t you like to know why adverse events in your area are 600% higher than in other places? Wouldn’t you like to know this information BEFORE you decide if and when to vaccinate your child.


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