Flu Vaccines – even medical staff do not want them.

It is no wonder that hospitals are now resorting to promising prizes (such as Toronto Raptors tickets) to staff members who take the flu vaccine.
Healthcare workers are not eager to take the shot, and attempts to force this vaccine have been struck down.

Several Toronto hospitals tried to impose a Vaccinate-Or-Mask policy that forces nurses and other health-care workers to wear an unfitted surgical mask for the entirety of their shift if they choose not to receive the influenza vaccine.  The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) fought back and won. The Arbitrator found that the “vaccinate or mask” policy mainly aimed to compel healthcare workers to accept vaccination. The Arbitrator further found that the policy was “illogical and makes no sense”.
Medical experts testified there was no evidence that, forcing healthy nurses to wear masks during the influenza season, did anything to prevent transmission of influenza in hospitals.

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