LostTrust: Angus Reid Poll: 29% of Parents know Vaccine Safety Studies are Fake.

TVO attempts to tell a third of the population that they are wrong.

They brought in a biased panel of pro-vaccine advocates.
They disabled comments on their Youtube movie (so it is not possible to point out inaccurate information.)
Their experts “forgot” to mention the science regarding vaccine-injury. They called parents’ concerns – fake news and misinformation.
Do you think that they mentioned that, in the U.S., over 4 billion dollars were paid in compensation for vaccine injuries?

While it is not possible to comment on their Youtube movie, it IS possible to VOTE THUMBS-DOWN, if you wish to express your dissatisfaction with this form of one-sided reporting, that did not bother to include a representative of the vaccine-safety, vaccine-choice camp.

Click on the video to watch the full program.

Vaccine choice Canada asks: “How Many (vaccines) is Too Many?” VCC’s billboards got free “publicity” on a recent TVO’s Agenda show.

Click on this line to see minute 21:00 and on of the video, where the billboards are discussed.

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