CBC News: The debate over whether Glyphosate causes cancer | “The Weekly” with Wendy Mesley

  • Watching a CBC report on Glyphosate/RoundUP and how regulatory agencies unquestionably accept studies which deem a toxic product to be safe, it is hard not to compare this with how health agencies deal with concerns regarding vaccine safety.
  • In 2015, WHO’s International Agency for Research of Cancer ruled Glyphosate is a probable carcinogen. Yet, Health Canada has conducted a review and stated that Glyphosate “is unlikely to pose a human cancer risk.”

Following are points that were discussed in the video.

  • Brent Wisner, one of the lawyers for plaintiffs who sued Monstanto, says that Health Canada is “on the wrong side of history and there is no question about it.” Turning a blind eye. Burying their heads in the sand and not actually looking at the science.
  • They are wrong on the science; and when they are wrong on the science people get cancer and people die.
  • Wisner said that if Health Canada were to change its position, they would have to admit that they had been wrong for over 40 years. They would have to admit that people are dying or people have died because of that mistake. “And that is a big pill to swallow.”
  • Doing a disservice to those who look to them as protecting Canadians’ health.
  • There’s a real health crisis in Canada and in the Western world. It is bolstered by Health Canada who treats the manufacturer (Monsanto) differently.
  • Health Canada is a “captured” agency, with the manufacturer having so much influence on the regulators.
  • Did the manufacturer (Monsanto) somehow “cast a spell” on the regulator? It is hard to think otherwise, when you hear the agency discuss Glyphosate and state that there is “an extensive body of studies” that shows the products are safe.
  • A Canadian angle to the Monsanto story is the involvement of Cantox Health Sciences Inc. This company was hired to do work for tobacco companies and for Monsanto. Their report for Monsanto concluded that RroundUp “does not pose a health risk to humans.” Cantox was later bought by Intertek Canada. Intertek’s more recent report on Glyphosate also conveniently concluded that it was safe. However, documents revealed in Monsanto litigation suggest that the Manufacturer (Monsanto) had ample involvement in the writing of the articles. Some might say (though Monsanto denies it), that the company ghost-wrote the article which purports to absolve their product of being a risk to human health.
  • Wisner points out that Monsanto’s tight control over the study that finds its product safe, is scientific fraud and is designed to create the illusion of a scientific “consensus” that otherwise does not exist.

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