LostTrust: ABC News – The Vaccines you received as a child may be ineffective

They told you vaccines will give you protection for life

Well, this is not the case. Health experts warn those born between 1957 and 1989 may not be as protected from Measles as they think.
Your doctors knew for many years that maybe you are not really protected. You probably received one dose of the Measles vaccine as a child. They started giving 2 doses in 1989, to increase the rate of immunity for those who did not gain protection from the first dose. Yet they did not tell you.
In the video, the learned doctor expresses concern about whether people are protected. While “Florida is not an outbreak zone” , he thinks there is still a risk because of the “theme park In Orlandoand he wants you to take another shot.  Older people, who were born before the vaccine was introduced are protected.

According to the CDC: Even with the new vaccine schedule, 1 out of 30 vaccinated people are NEVER PROTECTED! against measles and 1 out of 10 are NEVER PROTECTED against Mumps.

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