Facts not Fantasy. A concerned citizen tries to educate the Spokane County Regional District Board of Health on Vaccines

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#Spokane #Washington May 31, 2019 public comments at the county board of health including Jaclyn Gallion, board member of Informed Choice Washington:

It was RFK, Jr. who said, “The checks and balances in our democratic system that are supposed to stand between corporate power and our little children have been removed, and there’s only one barrier left and that’s the parents.”

Lies are being told about us, about vaccines, about vaccine programs, about infections, and about our children.

The facts and lies are all tangled together in one clustered-up mess, making it almost impossible to tell fiction from fantasy. I’ve untangled some facts….

Merck being on trial for fraud regarding MMR and Gardasil vaccines is fact, not fantasy.

Vaccine failure — outbreaks of whooping cough, chickenpox, mumps and measles in fully vaccinated people is fact, not fantasy.

Roughly 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths are being reported is fact, not fantasy.

Vaccine injury that leaves a child chronically ill, that is reported by millions of parents worldwide, with injuries recorded in published case studies, with symptoms actually listed on the Federal Vaccine Injury table are Fact and not Fantasy.

Believing that being injected with a vaccine cocktail makes a child healthy is not fact— that is pure fantasy.

When parents are coerced, bullied, feared and made to feel guilty for exercising their freedom, it is not covered by the news. It is a single event, hidden from view. When a child is injured by a vaccine, hit by a seizure, or loss of language, or loss of life, it is a single event, hidden from view. When they come to public health for help, they’re mocked, shunned, ignored, gaslighted, and sent home. We’re told to vaccinate for the greater good, where’s the greater good when those vaccines cause harm?

Can the products that are being peddled even do what they are claimed to do? NO! Can any vaccine create herd immunity? To create herd immunity a vaccine has to be able to prevent transmission and not wane. Is there a vaccine on the current schedule that can prevent transmission and not wane?

Whooping cough, mumps, measles, chickenpox — are all breaking out in fully vaccinated groups and their makers are in courts across the globe on trial for fraud, for malfeasance, for lying about what their products can do and for lying about the harm they cause.

The ends don’t justify the means.

The top down, corporate captured, population level Public Health one-size-fits-all vaccine “medical procedures” policy must be mitigated by a parents’ absolute right to accept or refuse.

I also want to point out that for 2.5 years, many of us have been asking for a round table discussion regarding vaccine science, safety, school exclusions, and more. Our requests have been ignored. Not once have we been an agenda item. We are still asking . . .”

The following link is to the full meeting video on youtube: https://youtu.be/xnIhu3tNglg

The board’s vision is: Healthy Lives. Safe Environments. Thriving Communities.

The board’s Values are: Integrity Compassion Respect Equity Collaboration Innovation