Why people lose trust in the medical profession.

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The medical profession has lost the trust of the public in the last decade. This is due to the fact that instead of giving the public the right information about medical treatments, they are hiding the information using complex messaging. Here is a typical example:

The HPV Vaccine serious adverse events.

On the CDC website serious adverse events are defined:

Which adverse events are considered “serious”?

By regulation, an adverse event is defined as serious external iconif it involves any of the following outcomes: death, a life-threatening adverse event, a persistent or significant disability or incapacity, a congenital anomaly or birth defect, hospitalization, or prolongation of existing hospitalization.

When discussing the HPV vaccine the CDC says:

Instead of a clear message:

YES, There has been 2,500 cases of Severe adverse event, reported following vaccination, the information is hidden at the end of the paragraph and  your are expected to do the math  yourself.

Another technique used, is separating the report into different manufacturers of vaccines.

This way in order for you to really know you have to add all the numbers, also included are vaccines that are no longer available.